Product Features 

The Game Raiser is powered from your boat's 12 or 24V battery system. The teaser connects to a Vessel Control Box (VCB) via a Marinco 12/24V Trolling Motor Plug or hardwired into your fused switchboard. The VCB then connects to the Game Raiser teaser via a power cable which is also the tow cable.

Patent Pending

Game Raiser is a multifunctional teaser:

  • Trolled Teaser
  • Drift Teaser
  • Spearfishing Teaser/Flasher
  • Tow Camera
  • Squid and Bait Attraction Light
  • Mooring Light


We have a total of 6 microprocessors and 39 LEDs in the Game Raiser, made up of:

• 1 row of 3 LEDs in the front (angled down under the boat).

• 4 rows of 9 LEDs (one on each of the port and starboard facing horizontally, with a downward component).  

• Another row angled at 45 degrees from the horizontal plane facing towards the depths.

Light Plan

Game Raiser is designed with a light plan, distributing the cones of light from each of the LEDs to cover as much volume of water as possible. Each lens over each LED is designed to direct the light from the centre point of the LED strip, maximising the light beam angle. The Game Raiser maximises the area to grab the attention of a lurking game fish.

Flash Modes

We have 4 flashing modes. 3 modes with different flash sequences and a solid-state mode (torch mode).

LED Colors

We have 2 versions of Game Raiser. The first utilizes blue and green LEDs and the second utilizes blue, green and white LEDs. Blue and green are the colors that penetrate to the greatest depth in open ocean waters while resembling the reflections of flashing or scattering baitfish.

Temperature Management

The Game Raiser is designed so that the inner cavities fill and flow with water, keeping the temperature managed. Water passing over the LED panels controls the temperature of the teaser. If the teaser is retrieved onto the boat during the excitement of a “hook-up” and is not switched off, we have 2 layers of protection to keep the temperature managed.

  • A hardware temperature cut off on the LED boards themselves (hard cut-off if a certain temperature threshold is crossed).
  • Dim mode where the temperature is continually monitored and if a threshold is crossed, the device is put into an attenuated output mode to reduce heat output to allow the device to radiate out into the air without getting too hot to the touch.

Tow Camera

An action camera mount is included at the rear of the teaser. Nothing’s better than seeing a game fish coming into the spread so attach your action camera and capture those epic moments before a strike.

Drift Teaser

The Game Raiser is not just a towable teaser. It can be used as a drift teaser when live baiting or chunking. Attach a keel weight and float to the teaser to manage the preferred depth.

Mooring Light

Attach the Game Raiser to a Game Raiser mooring bracket (an optional accessory) and lower it into the water to use as a mooring light by activating the solid-state (torch) mode. In addition, Game Raiser serves as a bait light to attract baitfish and squid at night.


Game Raiser has been designed to be positively buoyant. The purpose of the positive buoyancy is to allow retrieval of the unit if the teaser’s tow and power cable were to be severed for some reason. In such a situation, Game Raiser will float to the surface (note this is not the case when additional weight/ballast is added).