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Game Raiser

Game Raiser Electronic Teaser


An action camera mount is included at the rear of the teaser. Nothing’s better than seeing a game fish coming into the spread, so attach your action camera and capture those epic moments before a strike!


Attach the Game Raiser to a Game Raiser mooring bracket (an optional accessory to purchase) and lower it in the water to use it as a mooring light by activating the solid-state (torch) mode. In addition, it serves as a bait light to attract baitfish or even squid at night. 


The Game Raiser is not just a towable teaser. It can be used as a drift teaser when live baiting or chunking. Attach a keel weight and float to manage the preferred depth.


Game Raiser has been designed to be positively buoyant. The purpose of the positive buoyancy is to allow retrieval of the unit if the teaser’s tow and power cable were to be severed for some reason. In such a situation, Game Raiser will float to the surface (note this is not the case when additional weight/ballast is added).

Experience Better

At Game Raiser we want you to maximize your strike rate by attracting those deep fish and switching on the passive fish! Increase the effective area you can attract game fish in the volume of water you cover while fishing. A teaser that works in both sunny and low light conditions (dawn, dusk & cloudy days). Throw all you can at success!


A multifunctional teaser, the Game Raiser electronic teaser is a:

  • Trolled Teaser
  • Drift Teaser
  • Spearfishing Teaser/Flasher
  • Tow Camera
  • Squid and Bait Attraction Light
  • Mooring Light


Competitive advantage

We may not be able to control the weather or the elements, where the fish are feeding, or even if they’re in the mood to feed! But we can increase your chances of catching more fish with the right gear! We spend thousands on fuel & gear and heading back to shore with all zeros is never the desired result. Maximize your chances with the world's first electronic teaser.
Let us change the fishing game for you!

Detailed in design, the Game Raiser has been created to imitate the reflections and flashes radiated from a bait ball and feeding frenzies, based on the incredible science in the structure and function of the eye of game fish.